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Moscow vacations - tour tips

Red Square, Moscow

Making of the decision on a place of the future tourist trip, or already having stopped a choice on Moscow as your next vacations destination, you by all means will become interested in the information on sights of this city.

So, which places to visit and what to see during your Moscow vacations?

First, those places which all of you have seen on pictures and TV its absolutely necessary to visit them personally. The Red Square, covered with stone blocks, is the heart of the city. There you can see the walls and several towers of the Kremlin, well-known St. Basil's Cathedral cathedral, Lenin's mausoleum (sort of Soviet pyramid of Giza) and GUM the main store where besides various boutiques you will find many cafes and restaurants. By the way, in winter an ice skating-rink is traditionally constructed on the Red Square, and that is very nice for winter vacations. Having passed round the Kremlin, you will get to the Alexander garden where the Eternal flame burns in memory of heroes of the Second World War. Nearby there are cash desks, where you may buy tickets to get inside of the Kremlin. There you can see huge the Tsar-gun and the Tsar-bell. Solemn ceremonies with the participation of soldiers wearing military uniform of the Russian empire are held on the Kremlins territory on Saturdays. The Bolshoi theatre is located close to this area as well.

Then it is possible to go to the north of the centre of Moscow. The All-Russia Exhibition Centre is the next point of the program of your vacation. It was an exhibition of economic and scientific achievements of the Soviet Union, but now it is simply a place for a pleasant walk. Besides, some remarkable monuments are still there, like a fountain "Friendship of the people" and even a real rocket you can walk under. On the territory of the All-Russia Exhibition Centre there is also a huge Ferris wheel, which isnt operating from time to time, unfortunately. In addition you also may visit the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman monument and the astronautics museum.

Using a monorail train, from the All-Russia Exhibition Centre you will reach the Ostankino television tower. This place is worthy inclusions in the program of your vacation, because there youll be able to rise on a special platform and enjoy the view of the city from unimaginable height.

Next step of your tour is the Sparrow hills. If you come there by the underground, you will find yourselves at the station hanging directly over the river Moskva. The quay is a pleasant place for walks, there is also a mooring of river buses. Having risen upwards, on a high hill, you will get to a viewing platform. The picturesque view of Moscow opens here: the river and that metro station, stadium Luzniki, the Business centre (a complex of skyscrapers, symbol of capitalistic Russia) and the Shukhov radio tower (it was planned to be higher than the famous Eiffel tower, but the civil war interfered these plans) are visible. If you look behind, you will see one of seven so-called Seven Sisters (a group of Moscow skyscrapers designed in the Stalinist style) - the Moscow State University building. By the way, there is a viewing platform in it, which also can make your vacation even more interesting.

Kolomenskoye Kolomenskoye, Moscow

In the end a few words about parks and history monuments. We recommend visiting two parks during your Moscow vacations: Kolomenskoye and Tsaritsino. In Kolomenskoye there are churches of the 16th century. Its clean, there is a picturesque quay, ravines and streams. Tsaritsino will show you imperial luxury - paths, beds, fountains and palaces, but, unfortunately, the main palace nowadays is only a reconstruction of the original building.

July 14, 2010

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